Membership Guidelines and Application

The goal of OC Networkers is to provide an environment for likeminded business individuals to develop professional relationships and to explore new business opportunities. Our objective is to assist with the growth of our members’ business networking and professional capabilities.  As such, we have established the attached Membership Guidelines.  While there are no membership fees (other than the weekly networking fee), it is important that all our members understand and adhere to these guidelines.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the addition of Membership Levels that will allow attendees to get more out of OC Networkers based on attendance and group involvement.  The objective is simple:  the greater your commitment to OC Networkers, the more visibility you will have within the group.  Here’s a rundown of the membership levels and benefits:

Silver Member.  Silver Membership is offered to guests upon completion of their first meeting at OC Networkers.  Upon accepting Silver Membership, they will be asked to complete a membership application and acknowledge that they will abide by our membership guidelines.

Silver Members are encouraged to use their 20-30 second commercial to provide information about their business and what makes them unique.  They are also encouraged to set up one-to-one meetings with fellow OC Networkers to get to know more about their businesses so that it will be easier to refer them to friends, family, clients, etc.  It is also encouraged to collaborate with other OC Networkers if their businesses are complementary.

Silver Members will be given a membership card with 8 “punch spaces”.  Each time they attend a meeting, their card will be stamped to show their attendance.  Attendance is key to moving onto Gold Member level, and earning the right to be a speaker, appear in the on-line membership directory, participate in the rotating ad program, and other programs that may be instituted.  Once they have attended 8 times, they are eligible to become a Gold Member.  Note:  They can “fast track” their membership by purchasing a 5-meal lunch card.  For every lunch card purchased, they will get an extra stamp. For example:  if they purchase 2 lunch cards, they will only need to attend 6 times before becoming a Gold Member (6 weeks plus the purchase of 2 lunch cards = 8 stamps).

Gold MemberGold Membership is given to those who have attended OC Networkers at least 8 times (see note above regarding lunch card), and have turned in their Silver Membership card with 8 stamps.  Gold Members will be issued a new Gold Membership card quarterly that will have 13 “punch spaces”.  Gold Membership is a privilege, and to maintain the privileges afforded a Gold Member, they must have at least 8 stamps in any given quarter.


Benefits of Gold Membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Eligibility for Speakers Schedule
  • Inclusion in on-line Membership Directory
  • Eligibility for Rotating Ad program


Gold Membership cards will be collected on a quarterly basis to record attendance.  If they do not maintain at least 8 stamps in any given quarter, their eligibility for the speaker schedule, on-line membership directory, rotating ad program and other future programs may be suspended for the following quarter.  IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR CARD IS STAMPED EACH WEEK.  Leadership team members may periodically ask to check their card, especially if they are scheduled to speak, to make sure they are in compliance with the above guidelines.

Get Involved:  Download the Membership Guidelines and Application Today!



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