Leadership Team and Volunteer Job Descriptions

Thank you for taking the time to review the duties of our Leadership Team and Volunteer positions.  Please note that this is a living document and changes will be made from time to time.

Current terms are six months, with terms typically starting in January and June. If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions, please let the current Leadership Team know.


 Duties include:

  • Heads up Leadership Team (LT)
  • Calls monthly LT meeting and sets agenda
  • Creates agenda for weekly meeting
  • Emcees weekly meeting, including introductions of LT members.  Keeps meeting flow on schedule.
  • Receives announcements from group and determines what items will be announced.
  • Acts as liaison with Restaurant, communicating any problems/issues with the room, service and/or food.
  • Is the “voice of OC Networkers”, communicating events, news, etc. to membership.
  • Is an official signatory for OC Networkers’ bank account
  • The President may delegate some of his duties, and required.


Immediate Past President

  • Provides guidance to President
  • Has tie-breaking authority on decisions in which the Leadership Team is deadlocked.


Vice President

 Duties include:

  • Second-In-Command
  • Assumes President’s responsibilities during meeting if President is absent.
  • Is official signatory for OC Networkers’ bank account.



 Duties include:

  • Collects weekly fees, ensuring that all attendees have paid.
  • Works with restaurant/host in collecting money (current solution) or is in charge of Credit Card Processing solution
  • Keeps records of weekly attendees and monies received
  • Deposits weekly funds and collects membership fees (if applicable), writes checks and keeps OC Networkers’ accounting books up-to-date.
  • Processes reimbursable expense reports for supplies, advertising, etc.
  • Responsible for creating annual budget and reporting financial status against budget at monthly LT meetings.
  • Files all IRS and government-related forms as required.



 Duties include:

  • Keeps minutes for each LT meeting
  • Tracks weekly attendance and leads.  Reports at monthly LT meeting
  • Maintains membership list, and distributes to members monthly.


Membership Chair

 Duties include:

  • Welcomes first-time guests, instructs them on meeting protocol, and introduces them during the guest segment of the meeting.  Follows up with them afterwards to answer questions and encourage them toward active membership in OC Networkers.
  • Responsible for follow-up with visitors
  • Develops (in conjunction with Membership Committee) membership growth and retention programs
  • Responsible for designing/updating Membership Application and presenting to LT for approval
  • Collects membership applications and fees (if applicable).  Submits fees to Treasurer for processing upon membership approval.
  • Reviews all Membership Applications, interviews applicants and their references, and requests feedback from LT on applicant’s suitability for membership in OC Networkers.
  • Follows up with members who have been absent for more than 2 weeks to determine continued interest and change in status.
  • Work with Marketing Chair to develop growth and retention strategies/promotions.


Marketing Chair

 Duties include:

  • Develops marketing and advertising programs to promote OC Networkers in the Community, including:
    • Website
    • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, MeetUp, etc.)
    • Event Advertising (e.g., Mission Viejo TV, Chambers, etc.)
    • Brochures, postcards, etc.


Program Chair

 Duties include:

  • Maintains list of speakers each week
  • Ensures Speakers meet speaker prerequisites
  • Assists in preparing speakers with quick tips/tricks, use of AV equipment, etc.
  • Introduces Speaker each week with short bio
  • Plans other programs as needed (e.g., Educational Speaker and other programming options)



 Duties include:

  • Keeps track of individual times allocated for introductions, testimonials, speakers, etc., and rings bell if time is exceeded.  Times are announced for each section by President (e.g., 20-25 seconds for introductions, 10 minutes for speaker, etc.)

Other Volunteer Positions:

  • Meeting Set-up:  Arrive at 11:15 to make sure room is ready for meeting, including table/chair arrangement, lead forms on tables, business card table set-up etc.
  • Meeting Clean-up:  Ensure that all supplies are collected and properly stored after meeting.  Usually takes approximately 15 minutes upon meeting completion.
  • Membership Committee:  3-4 volunteers to assist Membership Chair with duties outlined above, including development/updating of Membership Application, interviewing of new members and their references, and follow-up with visitors.
  • Marketing Committee:  2-3 volunteers to assist Marketing chair with promoting OC Networkers in the community.  Includes activities such as acting as photographer, administators for social media sites, webmaster, graphic designer, printer, etc.

Signin Assistance:  1-2 volunteers to assist Treasurer with weekly member sign-in.  Includes collecting business cards from visitors, collecting weekly fees, maintaining “attendance” list (if necessary), and ensuring that individual menu orders are filled out correctly.


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